Monday, October 10, 2016

Christine's Journey with Homesickness

Christine's Journey with Homesickness

Homecoming is over and the fall weather is quickly approaching. With these changes, some are starting to feel that homesickness bug. While it may have been there before, there was some activity or social event to take our mind's off of home. Now that bug is itching at us again and growing stronger. Read about Christine's experience and how she overcame this difficult college experience.

"I can remember my first semester of my freshman year very well. I am the youngest in my family so I had seen both of my older siblings go off to college and do fine on their own. I went in nervous, but confident that I would rock my freshman year without a question. As soon as my parents drove off, leaving me alone on campus, I cried. I did not know anyone in my hall. I felt so scared and unprepared that I just cried. I got involved in the Panther Marching Band and was eager to know more people on campus. Everyone was so kind, but I still missed being home. I missed my mom’s cooking and my dad’s horrible jokes. I missed knowing where I was going and living in the familiar. I slowly started finding where I belong at UNI. I got engaged in my classes and very involved in Residence Halls. I am now a Junior absolutely in love with this campus and my degree I am striving for here. Yes, I still love to visit home during breaks. Yes, I still miss my parents and call them. But I can’t say I have homesickness because UNI has become a second home for me."

Always remember that there are others sharing the same feeling as you.
If you need to talk to someone, contact your PAIR, RA, or UNI's Counseling Center.

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