Thursday, October 30, 2014

{Registration: Schedule of Classes}

The Schedule of Classes is one of the most important resources for course registration. This schedule contains all of the courses that are being offered in the upcoming semester and information about each of them.
How do you access the Schedule of Classes?
  1. Log-in to your MyUNIverse
  2. Click "Go to my Student Center"
  3. Click "Enroll" in the Academics portion of your Student Center
  4. On this screen is a little tan box. On the right-hand side it will say "Your enrollment shopping cart is empty." On the left-hand side is a section that says "Find Classes" and the "Class Search" is already selected. Click "Search" underneath that.
After you have followed those steps, you will be at a screen that allows you to search for classes. You can enter in a wide variety of search criteria. The first thing you should do is go to "Course Career" in the top portion and select "Undergraduate."
Some Helpful Tips:
  • Course Subject: Narrows courses down by the department that offers the course
  • Course Attribute: Allows you to narrow courses down by Liberal Arts Core. Use this with the "Course Attribute Value" and you can select which section of the Liberal Arts Core you want it to satisfy
  • Session: Lets you select if a class is Full Semester, First Half Semester, Second Half Semester, etc.
  • Campus: Lets you narrow down your search to classes that are only offered on campus
These are just a few options for you. Be sure to explore other ways to narrow down your classes!
After you have searched, there is only one more step to get your classes into your Shopping Cart
  • After you have searched using the above steps, you will get a list of classes that fit your criteria. Find a class that you want/need, locate a section that fits what you need for time, location, etc.
  • Click the blue link with the section and class number in it (if you hover over it, it will say "View Details"
  • This will give you the details for the course including any requirements to register for it.
  • If the course works for you then click the yellow box that says "Add to Cart." 
You have just added a course to your schedule! Follow the steps above for the rest of your classes and later, you will be able to register for them. 

Be sure to check out the post NEXT WEEK where we will talk about finally enrolling in your courses.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People: The Public Victory

Habits 1, 2 and 3 are about private victories; working on the inward. Once you’ve reached your private victory, you can begin focusing on your relationships with others which make up the richness of life. After learning your independence, you can begin to work meaningfully and cooperatively with others.

Relationships rely on consistent deposits that show commitment and care. Just like the personal bank account, the relationship bank account needs to be replenished and grown over and over again. Keeping promises is perhaps the most vital act to build trust. Small commitments, when carried out, show reliability and maturity. Because it is so important to follow through on promises, they should be made sparingly and only with every intention to fulfill them..

Keeping commitments is much like showing loyalty. Whether right next to you or far away, displaying loyalty means avoiding gossip, keeping personal information secret and sticking up for others. This takes courage but the admiration and care that radiates from loyal is far reaching. This also means saying sorry in times when you mess up and being quick to forgive others for the same pitfalls.

Performing small acts of kindness is another way to make a deposit into the relationship bank account. These can be little favors or thoughtful actions but they are hugely important for letting someone know you care. The opportunity or need for a small act of kindness is often revealed with intentional listening. Taking the time to sit down and really listen to what someone else is feeling, going through or needing is valuable information for understanding how you can be kind to them. A thoughtful note, an embracing hug or an offer to help will make a deposit as a favor and as a caring listener.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

{Registration: Holds}

You're getting excited to register for your Spring 2015 classes. You now know how to find your enrollment appointment and are ready to go for that date and time. However, there is something that could stop you from registering then: Holds! Here are the steps to follow to determine if you have a hold that will stop you from registering:
  1. Log-in to your MyUNIverse from the UNI homepage
  2. Click "Go to my Student Center"
  3. On the right-hand side is a box that says "Holds"
  4. Here are the responses the box may have an how you should respond to them:
    • No Holds: Great news! You can just register on your date and time and have nothing stopping you
    • Advisor Hold: You will need to contact your advisor, let them know that you have the hold and ask them to remove it. Usually, your advisor will want to meet with you before they remove the hold.
      • How do you know who your advisor is? On the right-hand side of your Student Center, below Holds, To Do List and Enrollment Dates is a box that says "Advisor". This box has who your advisor is and if you click "Details" it will give you their contact information.  
    • Admissions Hold: Contact Admissions at 319-273-2281
    • SR Past Due U-Bill Hold: Contact the Office of Business Operations at 319-273-2164 or in Gilchrist Hall to get it removed.
There are many other holds. If you have one that has not been listed, click "Details" in the Holds box. The Details page will show you what office has placed the hold and will tell you what to do to get the Hold removed.

Do NOT wait until your registration day to try to get your hold removed. The sooner you get to it, the better! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your Academic Advisor or the Office of the Registrar. They are here to help!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tonight: Majors in Minutes!

Tonight is the night for Majors in Minutes! This event is a chance for you to learn about different majors on campus from students that are in them. You could be looking at changing your major, adding a minor, or just be curious about some of the majors UNI has. 
 This event is set up like speed dating with seniors in a variety of majors on campus representing their major. When you come in, you sit at a table for a major you are interested in and every 7 minutes the bell will ring and you can either stay at that table or move to a new one. You can go to as many or as few majors as you want whether that be 1 or 17!

What: Majors in Minutes
When: Tuesday, October 28 7:00-9:00pm
Where: Maucker Union Ballroom

The event runs from 7:00-9:00 so you can come and go anytime between those hours.  
We hope to see you then!

{Registration: Meeting with Your Advisor}

Freshmen registration is coming up from November 14th-19th depending on your enrollment appointment. Most of you will also have an advising hold on your account. 

To get the hold removed, you'll just need to speak with your assigned advisor regarding what classes you plan on taking this coming Spring.You can find your assigned advisor by doing the following:

  1. Log-in to your MyUNIverse from the UNI homepage
  2. Click "Go to my Student Center"
  3. On the right-hand side is a box that says "Advisor"
  4. Click "Details" and you will see your advisor's name and contact information
If you are assigned an academic advisor in the Office of Academic Advising and haven't been able to schedule an appointment, don't fret! We will have walk-in appointments coming up:

Monday, November 10th through Wednesday, November 19th
8:15am - 11:30am and 1:15pm - 4:30pm
Office of Academic Advising | Gilchrist 102

Monday, October 27, 2014

{Registration: Enrollment Appointments}

Registration for Spring 2015 is coming around the corner. As such, this week will be all about registration for you!

Every semester, students register for classes. If all 12,000 students tried to register at once, it would be pure chaos. For this reason, registration is staggered over the course of a couple of weeks with the breakdown as follows:
  • November 3rd: Registration begins for Graduate Students & Seniors
  • November 3rd: Registration begins for Seniors
  • November 5th: Registration begins for Juniors
  • November 10th: Registration begins for Sophomores
  • November 14th: Registration begins for Freshman
BUT you might not be able to register on that particular day. Each student has a specific date and time that they can register for courses. You can register for classes or change your schedule anytime after that date, but not before. The question is: How do you know when that date is for you? It's easy to do and here are the steps to follow!
  1. Log-in to your MyUNIverse from the UNI homepage
  2. Click "Go to my Student Center"
  3. On the right-hand side of your Student Center, under "Holds" & "To Do" it says "Enrollment Appointment"
    • This box should have a date in it but not necessarily a time. 
  4. Under the date in your Enrollment Appointment box it says "Details". Click it.
  5. Clicking "Details" will take you to a new screen. This screen has your enrollment date and time!
Remember, you can register at that exact date and time or anytime after that. If you are having any difficulties locating your enrollment appointment or one is not showing up, contact the Office of the Registrar at 319-273-2241 or talk to your adviser.

Stay tuned for our post tomorrow that will give you just another step in the registration process!

{Major Mondays: Graphic Technology}

Graphic technology is the study of technology needed to produce the imaged products that are used in our lives. These would include products like magazines, books, packaging and websites. Students in this major learn about technology and the management and supervision necessary to operate a business. The courses are taught through a combination of discussion, observation and activities. It is a growing industry and UNI’s program is accredited by the National Association of Industrial Technology. 

What do you do with a major in Graphic Technologies? Graduates from the graphic technologies major have found work in customer service, sales, as photography coordinators, pressroom supervisors. Some have done marketing for magazines, been department manager in a bindery or served as a graphic artist. 

What classes would you take? The courses you would take include Communication in Technology, Graphic Communication Foundations, Computing Fundamentals, Web Publishing, Digital Imaging, Organizational Managements and many others!
You can gather more information on their website here!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Put First Things First

Putting first things first is about prioritizing. We all lead busy lives, especially in college, and there is always something in the wings competing for our time. If we don’t take the time to focus on what we really want, our time can easily be monopolized but all the “stuff” instead of “important stuff.” This means overcoming barriers, often times facing our fears, managing and organizing our time, and actually achieving our goals.

A useful tool for working on putting first things first is the Time Quadrant, which considers the importance and urgency of all the things that you have on your plate. Overall we spend our time in all four quadrants, but we should strive to live within our priorities and focus our time on the important and not urgent tasks. If it is not important to us, we should avoid it (although with bosses, supervisors and outside expectations, we all will have to spend some time here working on non-important tasks), and if it is important, we should avoid procrastinating to the point that it is urgent. Focusing on important and non-urgent tasks means that we have planned ahead, we are on top of things, we consider things in advance and we’ve learned how to manage our time and priorities.

For those of you who are not naturally gifted at prioritizing, there are some steps you can take to improve on this. First, utilizing a planner is a must. Each person can use their planner differently, but it is important to find a system that works. Once that organizer is in place, taking 15 minutes to plan weekly can make a huge difference. You should ask yourself what about the assignments you have coming up, what extra curricular you have scheduled, what your work week looks like, etc. But don't forget to schedule in personal time as well. Once those tasks are determined, block out time starting with the most time intensive tasks and then fitting in everything else. Finally, be ready to adapt. Things will come up and everyone needs to be able to make adjustments. You can never account for days that you may get sick, have an emergency or have something slip your mind; planning in advance always for this fluctuation.
Habit 1 says “I’m in control”, Habit 2 says “I know what I want” and Habit 3 says “I have the ability to get there.” It’s about taking the time to prioritize goals and then having the willpower to overcome fears and peer pressure that often create large obstacles.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

{Meet the Staff: Josh Sankey}

Name: Josh Sankey

Undergraduate Major: Communication and Leadership

Who You Advise: Deciding Transfer students, Admissions Partnership Program Students, Allied Health

Favorite Past-Time: Spending time with my family

Advice to Students: Have fun and get involved outside the classroom! Seek help when you need it! We have a great resources for students on campus, you just have to ask! :)