Wednesday, March 4, 2015

{Meet the Staff: Anthony Smothers}

Name: Anthony Smothers

Undergraduate Major: Business Administration & Marketing

Who You Advise: First year Biology, Psychology, and 2nd year Deciding

Favorite Past-Time:  I love spending time with family, UNI athletics, college football and home improvement projects.  I also enjoy reading James Paterson books. 

Advice to Students: Have Find something you enjoy doing for a balanced life of academics and personal! I recommend getting involved at UNI in your hall, a student organization, traditions program, or intramural sport. 


Monday, March 2, 2015

{What can I do with an interest in: Performing Arts & Design}

Possible Personal Characteristics: Think critically and abstractly, like to create and think outside the box


  • Art: Students will work to understand and appreciate all art types. Students will also pick an emphasis in one of the following areas: ceramics, drawing, graphic design, jewelry/metals, painting, photography, print making, or sculpture.
  • Textile and Apparel: Students will be educated in the widely diverse areas of trend analysis, apparel product development and design, mass production methods costume history, promotion planning, advertising design, computer-aided design, textile apparel quality control, marketing, textile science and structures, consumer research, and merchandise buying and planning.
  • Interior Design: A major in interior design prepares students to be creative problem-solvers. The course work provides systematic and coordinated approaches to the design process, resulting in appropriate interior environments in the private and public sectors.
  • Graphic Technologies: Students gain knowledge and experience with technology necessary to produce the millions of imaged products from start to finish. They also learn about successful management and supervision to operate business enterprises.
  • Music: A music major will focus on liberal arts training as well as an emphasis on the discipline of music training. Music majors on all degree programs must choose an area of applied music for specialization and must meet the proficiency standards of the School of Music.
  • Theatre: Whether on stage or backstage, students will learn the fundamentals of acting, production, and stagecraft. Students will also receive hands on training, as they will plan and implement several productions each semester.

Minors: Graphic Technologies, Textile and Apparel, Music, Theatre, Art, Jazz Studies

Career Possibilities: Dancer, Educator, Musician, Composer, Interior Designer, Arts Organization Consultant, Clothing Designer, Illustrator, Publishing

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{Meet the PAIRs: Tori}

Name: Tori Settanni

Residence Hall: Campbell Hall

Major: Public Relations
Minor: Marketing

Hometown: Burlington, IL

High School: Burlington Central High School

Favorite place to study: 4th flood Rod Library

Favorite Dining Center Food: Chicken Enchilada Soup

Monday, February 23, 2015

{What can I do with an interest in: Science and Environment}

Possible Personal Characteristics: Using critical thinking and being analytical and inquisitive


  • Geography: Students will focus on place and space on the earth. Topics that are covered can include: globalization, pollution and disease outbreaks. Using cutting edge technology geographers are also able to analyze maps and representations of land and people.
  • Health Promotion: Promotes the health of the general public using a wide variety of methods in a wide variety of settings. This major can cover women’s health, global health, environmental health or health promotion and education.
  • Physics: Students will focus on the mechanics of our world looking at theories and then applying them in real time. Students will become involved in critical thinking about how things function in our world.
  • Earth Science: Students will focus on the natural occurrences that happen on this earth. This can include a wide variety from volcanism to flooding to solar eclipses.
  • Biology: Students will focus on the study of living organisms. Biology can focus into a wide variety of careers from being in the health field to field biologists.
  • Chemistry: Students will focus on the fundamental building blocks of life and how they work. Students will also focus on how these materials function in the natural world.
  • Science-Teaching: A career in science teaching will allow you to combine your enjoyment of science with the rewards of helping others learn new ideas and skills in the many areas of the natural sciences.

Minors: Geography; Nanoscience; Earth Science; Biology; Chemistry; Leisure, Youth, and Human Services

Certificates: Cartography; Outdoor Recreation; Environmental Health

Career Possibilities: Biologist, Geologist, Science Teacher, Chemist, Pharmacist, Doctor, Veterinary Technician, Cartographer, City Planner, Agronomist, Endocrinologist

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

{Career Fair}

Tomorrow is the day! The Career Fair is happening on-campus and as a freshman, you can attend! This is a chance for you to talk with some employers and learn about the variety of majors that they are hiring. 

What: Career Fair
When: February 19th 11 am- 3 pm
Where: McLeod Center

Stop by and learn more!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Six Ways to Manage your Messaging

Which would you go without for a week: your cell phone, your best friend, or good food? Chances are, it's not your phone! College students appear to spent almost nine hours per day on our phones. More than 80% of college students say that gadgets interfere with their learning, and one in four says it hurts their grades! 
1. Test Yourself: Think you can get away with texting while driving? Maybe you've been lucky. Check out the online texting-while-driving simulator by AT&T here.
2. Two set the Mood: Know where your phone is welcome-and where it isn't.

Where to put the phone
Make it easier
In the trunk
Ask for a stand-alone GPS as a gift, buy one used, or try Freecycle
Going to bed
Charge it in a different room
Dig out your old alarm clock
On a date
In the car
Suggest that your date do the same
On vacation
Leave it in the hotel
Use a digital or disposable camera
At the gym
In your locker
Use an MP3 player or iPod
 3. Use an app or #x: AT&T's DriveMode on Sprint's Drive First silence your phone and respond to messages. Or text #x to let friends know you're driving.

4. Reality Check: When you can measure something you can manage it. Use an app to track how much time you're spending on your phone.

5. Play a game: When eating or getting together with friends, put all of your phones on silent in the middle of the table. Whoever checks their phone first has to pay for dinner or clean the dishes.

6. Find your voice: Sometimes it is hard to remember the last time we picked up a phone to call anyone besides relatives or the pizza guy. Next time you want to make plans with a friend, try calling.

Adapted from Student Health 101:


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{Meet the PAIRs: Ashley Phelan}

Name: Ashley Phelan

Residence Hall: Lawther Hall

Major: Secondary Education: English with Dual Major in Middle Level Education

High School: LeMars

Favorite way to de-stress: Hanging out with my friends and watching movies such as Mean Girls, Norbit, and Pitch Perfect

Favorite Dining Center Food: Definitely Party Potatoes because who doesn't want a little party with their potatoes!