Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Good --> Better --> Best

"The mission of the Academic Learning Center is to inspire, challenge, and empower students to achieve academic success."

At the Academic Learning Center
Students can receive feedback for class papers or work on improving your writing skills.
Students can work with tutors in Liberal Arts Core math and science courses
Students can learn time management and subject-specific study skills
Students can develop effective college reading and study plans

To learn more visit www.uni.edu/unialc

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Coping with Loss in College

College is an exciting yet stressful time as it is. But as we grow into young adulthood we sometimes forget that the members of our family and our pets grow older as well. Life happens. Circumstances show up, if we were expecting them or not, that cause us grief. Bereavement is a normal life transition, and though it is never simple or easy for even the most mature adults, it can build another level of stress and anguish on college students who already have a lot going on. Knowing healthy coping strategies will help you through the process.

Grief is a journey, there is no time line to follow nor should you be in any rush. It is going to be a unique experience for every individual. Take your time. Pace yourself but continue your normal routine as much as you are able. It is important that you keep your sleeping pattern as routine as possible. Set a bedtime if you need to and relax in your favorite ways. Please do not use alcohol or medication to “numb” your pain. Nor should you rely on these substances to help you get to sleep. They can interfere with your grieving process or cover it up – not take it away.

Express your grief in whatever way feels right to you. If you need to cry, scream, talk it out, or “do something” then do so.  Use your friends, family, and any spiritual support as needed. Take care of yourself, grieving can put a strain on your physical and mental health. If you find yourself feeling helpless or hopeless talk to a professional. Visit the Counseling Center on campus. You’ve already paid for the service, so go talk to someone because they’re friendly and can help.

Be patient.

Your Fellow Panther  

Monday, September 28, 2015

How Can We Help You?

"Academic Advising works with individuals who are deciding, changing majors, first-year students, and experiencing academic difficulties. We can help you develop meaningful educational plans compatible with your life and career goals."
Your Academic Advisor can assist you with academic and career planning.
Your Academic Advisor can position you up for academic success.
Your Academic Advisor can guide you through exploring your options and answer questions.
Your Academic Advisor can help you with scheduling your classes for future semesters.
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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Student Leader Spotlight

Never underestimate the power of your peers next to you.

Rylee Junk

Sophomore from Waverly, Iowa

Studying Elementary/Middle Level Education and Literacy

Involved in Senator for the Northern Iowa Student Government, National Residence Hall Honorary, Cat Crew, and the Campbell PAIR

"Netflix cannot be a priority, sadly."

"Do anything that challenges your perspectives and beliefs; don't hide in a filter bubble. Also, call your parents, they miss you!"

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Preparing for Majors in Minutes

We are 6 weeks away from this year's Majors in Minutes! October 27th at 7pm might feel far away right now, but being right after Homecoming, this is going to sneak up on you. Don't wait to start preparing or at least thinking about it.Talk with your Academic Advisor on tips for preparing and using your time at the event wisely. It is time to start thinking about the majors you want to visit with.

Here is a video from our YouTube Channel to help explain how the event works:

Questions to ask at the event:
What do you study in -insert major here-?
How did you get involved in this major?
What are the different jobs/careers in this major?
What surprised you about the major?
What types of classes do you take? ---> What classes would you suggest I take to learn more about the major?
Are there skills or experiences I should have if I am thinking about the major?
What do you like the most about this major? ---> What do you like the least?
Are there opportunities for internships or field experiences in the major? ---> What are some examples of things I could do?
Would you recommend getting involved in campus organizations? ---> If so, which ones?
Anything else you want to learn!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Beating Homesickness

Labor Day Weekend was a while ago, or maybe you haven’t been home since you’ve moved into your Hall. You might be feeling a bit homesick right about now. Moving can be an emotional experience. You can overcome it by engaging yourself in your new environment and find ways to adapt.  It’s important not to get caught up in the nostalgia. So, here are some ideas to help ward off the blues:

Get to know some of your new neighbors. Whether you’re living in the halls, off campus or commuting, there are lots of new faces and now’s your chance to meet these strange and interesting folks. Take advantage of your newfound freedom to get to know somebody that just may turn out to be a lifelong buddy.

Ask friends and family members to come and visit you on campus. Introduce your family and hometown friends to people you have met in the first few weeks. Schedule times to call your family and friends in between visits.
Join clubs, groups or societies specific to your interests. Student government, religious and faith organizations, hobby groups, lifestyle clubs, athletic teams and theater can all reduce homesickness for college students. Or volunteer and help others for a few hours each month. Choose to volunteer at a place that matches your interests. Attend athletic events to help ward off homesickness. Become an involved spectator by wearing your purple & gold and cheering. Sporting events are an effective way to become more involved in campus life and meet new people.
Get a job. Not only is this a social thing, but a financial thing. Not to mention, if you can funnel some of your newfound riches into paying for your education, you’ll have a little less to pay off when you graduate.
Exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week, so head to the WRC. Take the stairs instead of elevators whenever possible. Try out different types of sports such as volleyball or rock climbing to help decrease homesickness.
Get to know Cedar Falls- it’ll start to feel like home. Well, you did pick UNI for a reason didn’t you? What attracted you to this location? Check out the local scene and you may be surprised what you find. And most likely, you’ll find others that are interested in some of the same things you are. You might even find a restaurant that serves your favorite foods from home; but if you can’t ask a family member or friend to send you a care package with your favorites.
Deal with your homesickness in a smart way, don’t let it keep you from starting a new life. Also, have a plan. Be positive and figure out how you will better yourself on this journey. Set goals. Will you read more? Start going to the gym? Study for 3 hours each night? Give yourself something to strive for and before you know it your blues will melt away. Just be reasonable so you don’t get burnt out.
Seek professional help from the Student Health Center and Mental Health Services for severe homesickness. Academic Advisors, Resident Assistants, and trusted friends can also provide much-needed support when you have feelings of homesickness.
There is always the nuclear option: dropping out. This should only be done after careful consideration and a lot of talking with family and advisors. You will invariably make it through any rough patches in university life.
Be realistic about homesickness, give it a little time. Allow yourself to grieve for the things that you have left behind at home. Settling in and getting used to all these new things can be tough. It’ll take a toll on anyone. Just take a deep breath, and try a couple of the ideas above, and more than likely you’ll be just fine. Embrace your new life at UNI!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Question of the Day

What do you want to learn outside of the classroom this semester?
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Disney College Program

Ever dream of working for "the mouse?" That dream can become a reality; and on top of being a great resume builder and life experience- could possibly count for college credit. More information can be found at http://cp.disneycareers.com/en/default/.  You can also make an appointment with Laura Wilson in Career Services or Barbara Stratman in Academic Advising to speak further about the opportunity! Have a magical day!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Student Leader Spotlight

Student Leaders lead by example. They have a couple semesters under their belt and now want to help others navigate UNI. "Student Leader Spotlights" will highlight resources on campus that you do not necessarily have to go to an office to find but are sitting in class with you or living in your hall.
First up,

Megan Nissen

Sophomore from Anamosa, Iowa

Associate Director of Fundraising for the Northern Iowa Wishmakers
Dancer PAIR

Studying Elementary-Middle Level Education and Mathematics

"When you go to class in the morning, pack your bag for the whole day, and use your breaks between classes to do homework or other studying instead of returning to your room. You'll be much more productive this way!"

"College isn't High School; don't be afraid of changes."

 "I've known I wanted to teach since I was in early elementary school and UNI is the best school for it. I love the size of the campus and purple is my favorite color so that's was a plus too!"