Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Midterm Madness


    One MAJOR thing that I was terrified of as an incoming freshman was the work load. I didn’t know what to expect. How was I was going to pass all of my classes? What if the class is too hard for me? I have extreme test anxiety, I don’t even know how to study! These are all of the things that filled my mind. In high school I didn’t study much, if I did it was for an hour the night before a test. I learned quickly that in college studying is life. Literally.
    After my full first week of classes I was feeling pretty good about college. Things seemed to be going better than I expected. Let’s just say I expected the worst to prepare myself for whatever college was going to throw at me. Weeks went by and I was happy because I was getting this college thing down.
    It was about week five when I started hearing this m word that I had never heard before. I saw it in most of my syllabi and it was starting to become the topic of conversation. It was when I overheard someone say “have you started studying for midterms yet” that I realized that it had to be a test of some sort. Shortly after hearing that conversation my teachers and advisors started talking more and more about midterms.
    I learned that a midterm could be a presentation, exam, paper or a project. Typically a midterm is an assessment given in the middle of an academic grading term. I began to worry a bit as I mentioned earlier that I have test anxiety. I figured the only way not to stress myself out was to start studying now. So I did just that. I noticed that RA’s were having floor programs about midterms. The library and lounges began to fill with students studying. I used the ALC also known as the Academic Learning Center a lot during midterms.
    Yes, midterms can be scary but only if you let them. I hope after reading this you will know what a midterm is and it won't be a surprise to you. I hope that you will be well prepared for midterms and utilize the on campus resources that are available to you. There are many people you can ask to help you with how to study for midterms, including your halls PAiR!  

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