Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Finals: Studying

It might be your first round of college level finals. Or maybe you've blocked your last couple finals weeks from your memory. Here are some tips when it comes to preparing for them:

Was it mentioned more than once from the instructor? It will be on the exam.

Did you ask your instructor what will be on the exam? If you have not, visit them during office hours and ask. Take advantage of the time they are offering you to ask questions and learn more to prepare.

Go over your notes and handouts. Especially any you took right before other exams that happened earlier in the semester. Those questions and topics will probably show up again.

If you haven't been reading the textbook the entire semester it's time to open it up. Find out what the main concept is from each chapter. Learn the bolded vocabulary terms. You can also use the review questions at the end of each chapter as study tools for the final.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Finals Week Schedule

Not sure where to go or when to be there next week? Check your syllabus or ask your instructor about specifics. Otherwise here are the general University guidelines to when and where to be for taking finals next week!
For all and any information go to the Office of the Registrar
*All classes that have a meeting during any portion of this hour (e.g., M, or M/W, or M/W/F, or M/F) will meet during the scheduled final examination time noted below.
**All classes that meet on Tuesday AND Thursday and begin on or during this hour.
***All classes that meet or start during any portion of this hour.
Classes having sections numbered in the 90's will have their examinations in accordance with the regular examination schedule below. For those classes not provided for in the examination schedule, the examinations will be given on Friday, December 18, 2015 or during the last meeting of the class.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Finals Week Survival Kit

Finals are almost here and you'll probably be spending more time in the Rod studying than you are sleeping. Needless to say, it is a stressful and exhausting week filled with papers, projects and exams. To help you survive the exciting end of the semester, here is a how to make your own finals week survival kit. Throw one together for yourself or for a group a friends.
  • Make late-night studying better with fun study aids like post-its in different shapes or neon highlighters.
  • Everyone loves mindless snacking while buried in your textbooks. Include yummy snacks such as individual popcorn bags, chocolate, granola bars, or cracker packs.
  • Write encouraging notes that motivate you to keep going like “You can do it!” and “Only one more test to go!”
  • Throw in some cozy accessories for those rare hours that you actually get to sleep or relax. Think a little stuffed animal, a soft fleece blanket, or fuzzy slippers.
  • The holidays are right around the corner and as you chug through finals you’re most likely already dreaming of home. Add some of your favorite treats like homemade cookies, candy canes or hot chocolate to put you in the holiday spirit!
  • Finally, every college student needs extra energy to make it through all the 2 a.m. study sessions. Put in coffee, tea, Red Bull, or anything that will give you that extra boost.
Hopefully your survival kit will make finals week a little more bearable. And remember to breath deep, get as much sleep as you can, and try to not stress too much. We're rooting for you!