Thursday, September 8, 2016

Staying Healthy on Campus -- Mentally and Physically

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Students! Did you know that you already pay for a Health fee in your tuition. This health fee gives you amazing opportunities to use facilities, like the WRC, Health Beat in the Union, and the Counseling Center above the Health Clinic, free of cost. Staying mentally and physically healthy is important for you to succeed academically. If you are too stressed or depressed, you may not want to go to class or you may be unable to sleep. If you are feeling sluggish and weak, going for a swim, jog, or climb in the WRC can add some dopamine to your brain.

The WRC has an array of services offered to you as a student. From racquetball, basketball, weight lifting, running, rowing, biking and swimming, they have it all. Just remember to bring your ID in and you get in for free! Click on the WRC to go to the website for more information.

Fit Class Pass $50
The WRC also has classes that you can sign up for or you can pay a one time fee of $50 to attend any of the classes. The classes range from yoga, biking, cardio, cycle and core, kickboxing, jazzercise, zumba, sculpting, pilates, and water classes. Click on the Fit Class Pass link to look at all the classes and times. Grab a friend to have as an accountability buddy and get fit!

Health Beat
Don't have a consistent schedule and the WRC is out of your way, look no further than the Health Beat located in the tunnel between the Union and Lang Hall. The convenient gym has some weights, bikes, elliptical, treadmills, and stair masters for your quick and easy work out. You get in for free just by showing your student ID at the front desk. Click the Health Beat link for hours and more details.

College Hill Farmers Market
Not all of you have access to a car to get to the store. Fortunately, ever Thursday on the Hill is the College Hill Farmers Market. Buy some local treats and food while also going on a fun adventure. Just a walk away and there is no fee to go look around.

UNI Food Information
Most students who live on campus have a meal plan through the dinning centers. Have you ever wondered what is in the food that you are eating? Click on the UNI Food Information link to see the menu, ingredients, and nutritional information. Better plan what you are going to eat and what portions are appropriate for what you are eating!

Counseling Center
Our bodies need to be more than just physically healthy, but also mentally healthy. Whether you are feeling anxiety, depression, or emotional confusion, the counseling center can help. Once you have had an initial consultation meeting, you would be placed with a counselor and decide how often you should have appointments. Remember you can always talk to an RA, professor, or walk into the counseling center to see someone if you are having an emotional emergency. Health goes beyond the physical body.

So make goals to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy this semester and have fun!

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