Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mark Your Calendars!

To be a successful student, you must keep organized. Organized in your classes, calendars, and assignments. Hopefully you have some kind of planner, paper or online, to make keeping organized easier.

Important dates for UNI Students! 

- 8/29/16 Adding or Dropping a Course will cost $12
Note: To Add a closed class you will need instructor AND department signature
-9/2/16 Last day to drop a class without a "W" (Withdraw) 
-9/5/16 No Classes! Labor Day Vacation
9/26-9/30/16 Homecoming Week!
10/1/16 Homecoming Game! 
-10/17-21/16 Midterms
10/21-23/16 Parent's Weekend
10/28/16 Last day to drop a course without an "F"
-11/19-27/16 Thanksgiving Break
12/12/16 Finals Begin
12/17/16 Commencement

Click below for more information about UNI dates, Homecoming, and Family Weekend

Semesters fly by in college. Keeping these dates in mind along with your assignment deadlines will help relieve stress and boost success. Your professor should have given you a handy dandy syllabus at the beginning of the course. The syllabus packet should have all of your required readings, papers, presentations, and assignments there. 

Sitting down with your paper planner, online calendar, or excel spreadsheet and inputting your assignments will let you know what is coming up. There will be times where you have two tests, a paper, and a presentation all due in one week. Knowing this ahead of time will help you plan your time so you are not stressed to do everything last minute. 

For further help with time management, interpreting your syllabus, or class organization, call the Academic Learning Center at 319-273-6023 and a tutor can help you from the College Reading and Learning Center. 

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